Ships I Ship

[NOTE] :: This page is currently under construction. I plan on giving reasons for why I ship what I ship and this will be much more detailed eventually.

I realize that shipping is huge around here, so I figured I’d be like one of the cool kids and make a page of my ships for those who are interested. I’ll stick with ones that have to do with Supernatural mostly, because that’s what I blog about most of the time. Also, you will begin to notice as you scroll down that I’m a giant multi-shipper and proud. *ahem* So, let’s get started!


As a small side note, I believe that after episode 7x17 Dean realized (finally) that he felt more than just a friendship towards Castiel. As evidence by this gif:

As well as this post:

CANON. And that’s all I have to say.





[This is where I would put a pic or gif, but I feel so alone in this ship it’s crazy. I love it a ton, but it seems like no one else does. If you read the fic I have, you’d be on the bandwagon too, I’m just saying.]

And this concludes the SPN ships. Notice I did not include Anna or Meg in anything. Especially Meg.

Why? Because.

Now! Onto real people I ship.

Cockles (Jensen/Misha)

Cockles is and forever will be my OTP. I love them and everything they do together…and their apparent need to touch each other.



Also, for reference, check out this post:

Everything is Cockles and nothing will ever hurt again.

As well as this, something that happened at Asylum 10, 2013:

At this point I’m wondering how there are people out there, who don’t ship them. I mean really though.

Sebisha (Misha/Sebastian)


J2 (Jensen/Jared)


Mishalecki (Misha/Jared)

J3 (Jensen/Jeff/Jared)

[There are also no freaking pics or gifs for this. It seems like this went extinct when John Winchester was killed :( ]

J2M (Jensen/Jared/Misha)


Genevieve/Jared (AKA perfect couple is perfect)

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