Ships I Don’t

Alright, so I know some of you might be wondering, I see all these people that you do ship. Is there anything that you don’t ship? And my answer to that is hell fucking yes. Here is a list of people, real and fake that I do not ship together.


I do however ship her with a burning ceiling. <3 And no, my hate for her is not just because she gets between Dean and Cas or because she has a kid. I just don’t like her okay? I’m allowed to have an opinion.


I don’t know what it is about her. Whenever I see her I have this irrational anger rise over me. And yes, this has to do with Dean. It’s not because they had sex in the Impala, it’s because she was RUDE and put her hand over the handprint. Anyone else think that was fucking rude???


I. Hate. Meg. HATEHATEHATE *ahem* And yes, this is because she got her grubby demon mouth all over Dean’s angel. Bitch GTFO.

Now…onto real people. I’m prepared for the hate I will get for these, but I can have an opinion. I will give full explanations on these.

Sera Gamble

Ohhhhh where do I start on this…hmm person I believe is the nicest term I can come up with. Sera…fucking…Gamble. I don’t just hate her, I fucking loathe her entire existent. She has ruined everything, she doesn’t give two fucks about what the fans think or want and I believe that she kills off fan favorite characters for fun, and I really wish people would start a petition to get her fired. I’m really not eloquent enough to express how much I dislike her. Besides have you even read of any of the interviews this bitch gives? It’s ridiculous. I wonder constantly if she is doing all this fucked up shit just to fuck with us as viewers…to how much we can take. All I want to say when she’s talking is:


I would love to go and kick in the door along with all the other people who hate Sera as much as I do, kick her ass out and then take the fuck over. In conclusion, all I’m saying is…isn’t the point of writing a show to make it good? To make the viewers love it so that they watch more and more, so that there are more and more seasons? Because if there are a fuck ton of seasons, with shitloads of happy viewers, you’ll make more money. I’m just saying!

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