About Me

  • Hi I’m Julie, or Jules (as everyone calls me). I’m a sophomore in college, majoring in English with a minor in Creative Writing and Film. 23.  I’m also openly and proudly bisexual.
  • This blog will mostly consist of Supernatural related things as it is my favorite show of all time…of all time.  There will be many a gif, video and photo…and also I should warn you this is not a spoiler free blog.  If you do not watch things on time, it’s not my fault.
  • First things first…I live a Misha Collins appreciation life. I love him and everything he does.  I love his wife and kid, he inspires me on a daily basis and he’s my precious, perfect baby unicorn, so you’ll see him here quite often…I tend to reblog everything I see with him.

Jeremy Carver: “[Misha] just came in for the audition for the angel and was so complicated, and brought this innocence to the role, and all of this different dimension. We just knew he was lightning in a bottle.

  • ^^^ By far the best description I’ve ever heard of Misha. Perfection.
  • Also…fair warning…I endlessly ship Destiel. I never regret spamming my blog with things of them from time to time.  Do you love Dean/Castiel too? Cool…let’s be friends.
  • You will also see TONS of James Marsters on here as he is my favorite person in the whole galaxy, and always will be. I can fully attest this, because I had the pleasure of meeting him by chance in the Chicago Airport.  :D He’s a facsinating gorgeous man, and I adore him. <3

☐ Single ☐ Taken ☑ Waiting for Dylan O’Brien

  • Also, for those that care…I ship:

Destiel is my ship forever, that and Cockles come before pretty much everything else, but I’m the worst multi-shipper ever. Meaning I practically ship everyone, including Wincest.  I’m not a ship hater either. To each their own.

To see other ships I ship as well as ships I don’t, please see their prospective pages.

  • Gorgeous men I adore who you’ll see a lot of around here:

~James Marsters
~Misha Collins
~Jensen Ackles
~Jared Padalecki
~Sebastian Roche
~Richard Speight Jr.
~Rob Benedict
~Jackson Rathbone

  • Women I have major girl crushes on who you’ll see alot around here:

~Kristen Bell
~Sarah Michelle Gellar
~Emma Stone
~Julie McNiven
~Kristen Stewart

  • Real Life People I Ship:

~Misha/Jensen (Yes I know they are both married. WHATEVER. Go away.)
~Jared/Gen (I do not understand Gen haters. Screw you people. They are beautiful together <3. )
~Neil/David (Their love is legendary <3. )
~Sebastian/Misha (Yeah I realize that contradicts my previous ship of Misha/Jensen, however if you were paying attention, you should know by now that I’m a multishipper.)
~Jared/candy (Because it makes him happy <3)

My Current OTP: Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles (COCKLES FOR LIFE)

Also, please reference this perfect post that is perfect for more proof of Cockles and all its gloriousness. http://decisivelychallenged.tumblr.com/post/28555351919/destielcanoninmymind-bigdaddycastiel

I DO NOT own any gifs, pictures, or videos that show up on my blog unless noted otherwise.

Also! Guess what? I write fanfiction.

It’s currently at http://decisivelyjules.livejournal.com/  Mostly what you’ll find there is LOTS of Cockles (they are my OTP after all), but I also write quite a bit of Destiel and Sebisha, with a little Calthazar, Wincest J2, J2M, and Mishalecki mixed in here and there, among other minor ships that revolve around SPN characters and/or actors.

P.S. Here’s some pictures of me, if you’re at all curious, what I actually look like beyond a fangirling mess.

(Yes, I wear glasses…I have to wear them all the time, but I usually take them off for pictures)

And here are my two cats if you’re bored, which you obviously are, because you are still scrolling:


and Gabby

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