#Ugh this moment will forever kill me #Literally the only moment that we see Balthazar angry #and he’s angry at Cas #and I say at because he’s more upset that the plan will probably kill Cas #then he is about the plan in question #and yet (listen up fandom) he never once belittles Cas #or yells at him #or makes him feel like he is a lesser being #like he’s useless #This is being angry #WITH RESPECT

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"No, we're not gonna have that conversation."

Sam can remember how devastated Dean was when they lost John. Not long ago they were also betrayed by Cas and lost him in the process. Dean doesn’t want to consider the possibility of Bobby’s death, like it wouldn’t happen if he doesn’t believe in it, because he’s not sure he can deal with it. Meanwhile Sam doesn’t want Dean to be unprepared like the many other times they lost someone.
Because it’s real. This also has a special meaning to Sam, because during the last months he’s seen all sorts of horrible things that he had to deny and ignore because thay weren’t real but only hallucinations. That’s why it’s even more imporant to deal with the real things properly.


SPN10 countdown challenge |  7 days to go | S08E07

↳ I don’t know. I just saw something.. Cas.

It’s the middle of the night, Dean is up but dead silent, yet Sam could sense something is wrong and he wakes up. He realizes something isn’t right with Dean, he sees Dean’s terrified face, and he gets out of bed immediately. And unlike this morning when Dean told him ‘I’m alright’, now Dean is opening up. Sam is his little brother, but they have been through so much together, he can trust him on that, he can trust him to treat him respectfully, to listen to him, to say something that maybe will make sense. And this is beautiful. 


4x09 // 10x01

When I watched the 10x01 sneak peek I couldn’t help but be reminded of this scene from 4x09. Carver truly is retelling Kripke’s story, but making it his own at the same time. He’s telling it the way it should have been told. Instead of gearing up for a tragedy, he’s breaking everything in sight, because sometimes you have to go back in order to move forward. Instead of romanticizing all the fucked up things the Winchesters do for one another, he’s taking them to the absolute brink, destroying them, so that hopefully they can be rebuilt stronger and better than before.

He’s showing how twisted and awful it can be to be so utterly dependent on someone you’re willing to sacrifice everything you have, including your own ethics and morals. In 4x09 Sam was drunk and sad and desperate. Now he’s just utterly off the rails and terrifying.

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